No, i am not the person you wanted me to be. Again. I’ve messed up, fallen, scraped up my knees, glued a million little pieces back together. Disappointment, your disappointment, knows my name. My failures are numbered in triplicate. Again and again. My weeping body convulses because I know that you know that I know it … Continue reading again?


Where there is time there is no mercy/Marching along sand and our faces/One fine kingdom at a time/ until there is nothing left but dust and nothing between moments except for falling bombs/Until measured moments become eternities stretched over other eternities/there go I before the grace of God into sweet summer slumber/walking, not running in … Continue reading syria.

move, stay, or go?

Life options. There are many pairs of “three principals” throughout life that I have assembled. I will write about them as I make my way through each. Move. Stay. Or Go? Move. You have decided that you can’t “stay” and you won’t “go.” So, you decide to “move” instead. Moving may mean just a shift in … Continue reading move, stay, or go?


I wasn’t paying attention. “Violet, your hem looks like Vietnam, honey.” I fiddle with the hem of my dress, when I’m nervous or bored, excited or sad. Mama would slap my hand anytime she caught me, but I always ended up looking like a ragamuffin. Especially at church, I’d do it until the threads were … Continue reading Hymnals


More times than not, I spell this word wrong. You would think after more than 20 years, I would have learned how to spell my favorite past time. We started out on my microfiche, scrolling endlessly through old census records that we had to order from far away places and wait weeks and sometimes years … Continue reading Genealogy

Desire More

You ever reach for something and find that it isn’t there?/Like rummaging around an old house/Lights out from a storm/No one to tell you to “Stop.”/Nobody around to say “Watch out!”/Just you/One arm outstretched/Fingers splayed wide/The other arm feels its way around/Don’t fall/Don’t trip/Stay calm/ Carry on/ Right?/ Turn right or left or center moderate/Relax/Reaching/Adulthood/Reach … Continue reading Desire More