My EdD Story

Recently, I was accepted into the EdD in Student Affairs Leadership program at the University of Georgia’s Counseling and Human Development.

While excited, I am a little nervous to go back to school after ALL these years. Yet, I have to for my intended career path and I want to for me. Why an EdD and not a PhD (which would be free by the way)? I wanted a program that I could finish. I know me. Running from my desk to my school desk would have driven me to distraction. The EdD option is a cohort model that meets on designated weekends and is primarily online. Having a cohort of professionals to draw experience and knowledge from was very appealing – actually more so than the online component. Being with people who want to learn like me, for probably the same reasons I do in the way that I want to, just rang true. I am wagering that my career projection will outweigh the initial hurt of a loan payment. We shall see.

Top 7: What I’m looking forward to:

  1. “Disrupting” my thinking about everything that I “think” I know about Student Affairs (and perhaps the world)
  2. Meeting my cohort and professors
  3. Learning about the history of Student Affairs and the profession’s future
  4. Best Practices within the field
  5. Assessment vs. Evaluation
  6. Learning more about current research trends
  7. How to leverage technology within Student Affairs divisions?

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